Bainbridge Prepares

Bainbridge Island, Washington, US

Type: 1

Main focus: Subtype: 1

Other areas of focus: Emergency Response

Website: https://bainbridgeprepares.org/

Contact: info@bainbridgeprepares.org

Address: PO Box 11402, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Shaping The Future of Community Preparedness: FEMA’s Whole Community Approach on Bainbridge Island

About Bainbridge Prepares

Bainbridge Prepares is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring Bainbridge Island, Washington and surrounding communities will be resilient in the face of natural disasters and other calamities. Since 2011, we’ve worked in partnership with the Bainbridge Island Fire Department (BIFD). The City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) joined our partnership in 2016.

Bainbridge Prepares is dedicated to supporting our community through communication and awareness, because when we’re all connected and informed, our island thrives.

A collaborative blend of individuals, organizations, and local government, Bainbridge Prepares is actively making our island community more resilient through mutual aid among residents. Our shared goal is to become the most resilient town in Washington state.

In the event of a disaster like an earthquake, our brave first responders will be overwhelmed and our neighborhoods will be on their own. That’s when community is vital—neighbors helping neighbors—with everyone sharing the common goal of taking care of each other.

This site is your roadmap to action. As conscientious citizens, we can learn preparedness skills, build neighborly relations through the Map Your Neighborhood Program, learn about our network of Disaster Hub shelters, or join one of our citizen-led teams.

Organizational leaders: You can get your campus, business, and faith-based organization prepared.

Learn what disasters our island is likely to experience, what we and our emergency officials have done, and what you can do to prepare at our annual preparedness event at City Hall.

And if disaster never occurs? Thank goodness; let us continue to enjoy this marvelous island home!