Bainbridge Island Emergency Auxiliary Radio Service (BEARS)

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Status: Ongoing Project

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Type: communicationsType: emergency_responseBainbridge Island, Washington, US

Volunteers needed for our Emergency Auxiliary Radio Service

By BainbridgePrepares

The BEARS team works with community stakeholders to develop unified, cohesive, robust, and efficient systems for communication before, during, and after a large scale incident, possibly in the absence of everyday communications systems (cell phones, landlines, internet), during a lengthy power outage, and/or limited transportation or travel options. These systems may take the form of equipment, procedures, training, policies, and documentation.

The BEARS team will take a whole-community approach, working with specific groups to address their specific needs and capabilities, while integrating that with those of the larger community, with an eye towards inter-operability, inter-operation, economy of scale, avoiding duplication of efforts, and sharing what works well.

If you’d like to learn more about BEARS or volunteer your expertise, you can email co-leads Tyler and Lionel at