Community Resilience Projects

Do you have an idea for a new project that will help increase your community’s long-term resilience? Post it here to request volunteers, resources, donations, fundraisers, partners, and sponsors. Ongoing projects and organizations involved with community resilience are welcome, too. And if you’ve been involved in a project that has wrapped up, feel free to share the details so that others can learn from your experiences.

And for now, until we get our forum up and running, we recommend that you set up a Slack group to organize your project with the people who would like to get involved.

Bell Canyon volunteer fire crew

Bell Canyon, California, US

Status: Ongoing Project


Type: emergency_responseType: preparedness_and_mitigationBell Canyon, California, US

Example of a community that formed their own fire department

By Thrivespring

This is a sample project based on an article in the Guardian about the residents of a community that got together and created a volunteer fire department. Bell Canyon is a small community in Californi...
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Bainbridge Island Disaster Hubs

Bainbridge Island, Washington, US

Status: Ongoing Project

Seeking: corporate_sponsorsdonationsfundraisersparticipantspartnersresourcesvolunteers

Type: emergency_responseType: preparedness_and_mitigationBainbridge Island, Washington, US

Taking care of ourselves and our neighbors during a disaster…

By BainbridgePrepares

Following a massive earthquake in the region, it is very likely that Bainbridge Island will be unable to access the rest of Kitsap County or Seattle via the Agate Bridge or the Washington State Ferry ...
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York Rainwater Harvesting Project

York, Yorkshire and the Humber, UK

Status: New Project

Seeking: donationspartnersresourcesvolunteers

Type: preparedness_and_mitigationType: water_securityYork, Yorkshire and the Humber, UK

Join the York Rainwater Harvesting Project

By Thrivespring

The aim of the York Rainwater Harvesting Project is to set up rainwater harvesting systems throughout the city. Rainwater harvesting and utilisation helps to mitigate water shortages, control floods, ...
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