Energy Garden

London, Greater London, UK

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Energy Garden activates rail stations with solar panels and gardens

About Energy Garden

Since 2011, we have supported 127 community groups to lead the transition toward a more resilient, sustainable London.

Community-led urban transformation

Energy Garden supports communities to improve biodiversity and grow food around transport infrastructure. Over the last seven years Energy Garden has secured funding to negotiate the legal permissions of multiple transport partners, fund staff to oversee development of gardens, run education programmes and buy the necessary materials and equipment for local people to build greener spaces.

100% Community Run

The gardens in our network are run by and for the communities that use the stations. We always start by asking: How do you see your station? The conversations that result lead us down unexpected pathways and every station’s garden is a reflection of the community that lives and travels there.

Our Aims

Awareness. To raise awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, fossil fuel dependency and renewable energy solutions.

Inspiration. To create community infrastructure that brings inspiration, cohesion, and concrete examples of what solutions can look like.

Resilience. To support communities to cultivate resilience, cohesion, innovation and hope in a time of environmental and democratic crises.