Loop Resource


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Rescue Food, Rescue the Planet

About Loop Resource

Loop is based on a simple idea: Food should be put to its highest and best use.

Loop helps close the loop on organics waste disposal in the food supply industry, taking food from the end of the line at the store, back to the beginning as feed and compost at local farms.

We provide simple systems with safe liability structures that enable food wholesalers, retailers, and producers to divert one hundred percent of their unsaleable food away from landfill, and towards those in their community who can use it best.

For stores, it means diverting unsaleable food away from the landfill while reducing staff time and saving disposal costs.

For charities, it means access to food for their programs without overwhelming their resources.

For farmers, it means food that can be used as feed for their animals, as bio-energy, or as compost.

For all of us, we believe it's a simple, sustainable way to do the right thing for the environment while helping strengthen our communities.

We started out in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, trying to reduce the operating cost of our family farm so that Dad could be home with the kids more! With one grocery store ready to reduce their landfill impact and a couple of meetings: Loop Resource was born. We now work with grocery stores across BC, AB, and SK, diverting unsaleable grocery store food to hungry animal mouths on farms of all shapes and sizes, and to registered charities where possible.